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Wow! It took the screen guy a day to complete the installation of Sunroom Screen enclosure, it took them weeks with the old bird cage.

Joy, West Palm, FL

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Our unique patented design gives you the ability
to remove the screen enclosure before any major storm, including snow and reinstall within hours.

All SunroomScreen™ enclosures are custom built to your specifications. A one-piece seamless aluminum frame adds strength and is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 146 MPH. The graceful lines and elegant symmetry of our curved eave SunroomScreen™ enclosure models blend nicely into your home’s existing roofline for a polished finished look.


SunroomScreen™ enclosures allows fresh air to circulate while keeping insects and other debris out of the pool and patio area. Open up the screen enclosure to enjoy sun tanning during the day and close in the evening to relax with no insects. Now it's easy to create an affordable room to expand your living space and enjoy the great outdoors.


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